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People are still oblivious to ‘digitisation’


To witness any change we need to educate people first and the same goes for advanced concepts like digitisation and Industry 4.0.

Digitisation is important in current scenario of Industry 4.0. Digitisation in manufacturing enables proper data flow and optimisation. Commenting on the importance of adopting digitisation in manufacturing process, Sanjay Kulkarni, Managing Director, Pilz India, said, “The data that emerges from the digitisation helps in optimising production. It also helps us to reduce down times. Digitisation also ensures quality assurance and operational efficiency in a manufacturing unit.”

Need to educate people
India manufacturing sector has finally opened up to digitisation. Talking on the preparedness of Indian manufacturing sector on digitisation, Kulkarni said, “The progress in India is slow but steady. People are still oblivious to the concepts of digitisation but are still very much interested to implement advanced technology within their budget.”

However, he observes, large production houses and corporate are well aware about these concepts and are working further on the knowledge and building factories of future considering ever-increasing market demand and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Working on digitisation for a manufacturing is an investment and will surely yield higher production, lower downtimes in future. According to Kulkarni, “To witness any change we need to educate people first and the same goes for advanced concepts like digitisation and Industry 4.0. If the benefits of this concept reach to people, we will surely be successful to implement it in India.”

Pilz products for smart factory
Pilz PSS 4000: The automation of the future needs solutions that distribute the control intelligence and make networking of several control systems easy to manage. Pilz offers all this with its automation system PSS 4000. Conventional automation uses a single, central control system to monitor the machine or system and to process all signals. Pilz automation system PSS 4000, however, facilitates consistent distribution of control functions.

Safety Diagnostics System: The new diagnostic solution Safety Device Diagnostics enables comprehensive diagnostic data to be retrieved simply and over distance, for use in remote maintenance for example. In this way, service calls can be considerably reduced, increasing productivity significantly. The Safety Device Diagnostics package is easy to expand, thus supporting a modular machine design.

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