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Augmenting machine efficiency proves key to justifying equipment investment

Augmenting machine efficiency proves key to justifying equipment investment

January 31, 2024 7:41 pm

Managing Director, Niranjan Manjrekar of Bystronic Laser India underscores the significance of precision, affordability, and optimising machine efficiency for enhanced profitability through the latest innovations and industry insights.

What factors contribute to the positive outlook for the metal-cutting industry?

The metal-cutting industry is gaining momentum, indicating a positive outlook. Various factors contribute to this, with infrastructural development being a key parameter. Infrastructure development facilitates growth in ancillary sectors and encourages decentralisation from major cities to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, relieving congestion. This growth encompasses more than just roads and transportation; it also fosters urbanisation, attracting public transport and stimulating demand for sheet metal finished goods like elevators, kitchen equipment, and furniture. This domino effect is expected to contribute to industry growth in the future.

What factors are crucial for justifying the investment cost of top-quality equipment?

We have a 3m by 1.5m six-kilowatt OEM source with a strong emphasis on precision and accuracy for laser cutting. Nowadays, customers prioritise ownership costs alongside profitability, as it directly impacts profit margins. We have dedicated significant efforts to ensure affordability in this segment without compromising quality and offerings. We aim to provide value through partnerships with our customers.

Innovation is an ongoing process, and our priority list revolves around high-power lasers. High-power lasers necessitate automation for material handling, and our solution encompasses more than just machine capabilities. We provide a complete automation software and services ecosystem to meet this demand.


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What is essential to consider while maximising throughput for profitability?

It is crucial to recognise that having top-quality equipment is only sufficient if you enhance its utilisation efficiency. It is an investment, and Profitability will not follow without maximising throughput. The productive output is key for efficiency. Even if a machine boasts high speed, without proper equipment for loading, unloading, and automation, its potential remains untapped. Thus, the entire system, including material handling, is vital for justifying the investment cost by ensuring machine efficiency.

What sets Bystronic apart in the industry?

Bystronic tends to offer a comprehensive solution that sets us apart from other companies in the industry. As a machine tool builder specialising in sheet metal, we provide our proprietary ecosystem encompassing automation solutions, software environments, and tailored service packages. After-sales support is important in maintaining strong connections with customers post-purchase. Our innovative approach aims to ensure profitability and foster consistency for our customers.

We indeed have an announcement to make: we are actively seeking collaborations for manufacturing machines in India. This is a significant endeavour for us as we maintain a positive outlook for the future forecast.

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