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A comprehensive overview of initiatives by IIW-India for empowering welding

A comprehensive overview of initiatives by IIW-India for empowering welding

January 31, 2024 7:43 pm

IIW-India is a stalwart in the welding sector, offering guidance and certification courses that enhance the technical skills of experienced welders and raise awareness about the welding industry among the younger generation.

The Indian Institute of Welding (IIW-India) has been a pioneering welding force since its inception in 1966. As an esteemed member of the International Institute of Welding (IIW), IIW-India has continually strived to elevate standards and expertise in welding through myriad innovative programs and certifications.

IIW-India boasts diverse verticals designed to cater to the varying needs and aspirations of individuals and organisations involved in welding. One of its flagship offerings is the International Welding Coordination Personnel Program, which encompasses international diplomas recognised by the International Authorization Board under IIW. These diplomas, such as the International Welding Engineer (IWE), International Welding Technologist (IWT) etc. and International Welder (IW), are highly sought after globally, particularly in light of India’s growing presence in the international market adhering to ISO standards.

IIW-India has established the National Welding Training and Certification Scheme (NWTCS) in response to the escalating demand for skilled welders. This scheme provides a structured curriculum for welders delivered through authorised training institutes nationwide. Upon completion, candidates undergo rigorous assessment processes by IIW-India assessors to attain national welding certification, ensuring their proficiency and marketability.

IIW has been instrumental in developing and disseminating standards for welding inspection, exemplified by its collaboration with the Bureau of Indian Standards to formulate an inaugural certification standard for welding inspectors in India. Through workshops and seminars, IIW-India endeavours to raise awareness and promote adopting these standards within the industry, thereby enhancing quality and safety protocols; also established the National Welding Inspectors’ Certification Scheme (NWICS) to certify the welding inspectors as per our own national standard.


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In alignment with its commitment to industry support and enhancement, IIW-India offers specialised modules for upskilling and awareness programs targeted the welders and welding engineers. These initiatives cater to the evolving needs of industries such as railways, which prefers IIW-India certification for certain roles, underscoring the institute’s relevance and impact.

IIW-India also fosters a culture of excellence and innovation through initiatives such as national welding competitions to recognise and celebrate the achievements of welders and aspiring welding engineers. Additionally, through ‘Welded Marvels – Project Trash to Treasure’, IIW-India aims to encourage creativity and sustainability within the welding community to bolster its role as a catalyst for positive change.

Another initiative by IIW-India is to include the aspirant engineers in welding fraternity by establishing Students’ Chapter in different academic institutions through its fourteen branches pan India, and supporting them for activities related to welding. 

Crucially, IIW-India operates as a not-for-profit organisation, relying on the support of its industrial corporate members to fund various programs and initiatives. These collaborations facilitate the advancement of welding science and technology, to foster a sense of community and shared purpose among stakeholders.

IIW-India stands as a beacon of excellence and innovation in welding, driving transformative change through its multifaceted initiatives and unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and skill development. As it expands its footprint and influence, IIW-India remains dedicated to empowering individuals and industries alike to achieve new heights of welding prowess and proficiency with a motto ‘Welding for Nation Building’!

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