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We can reduce environmental impact and help companies with their ESG targets

We can reduce environmental impact and help companies with their ESG targets

June 9, 2023 1:48 pm

Richard Elving emphasises Markforged’s focus on sustainability, investing in cutting-edge technologies and integrating AI, AR, and VR to advance 3D printing capabilities.

What is Markforged’s Continuous Carbon Fiber technology, and how is it transforming the manufacturing industry, particularly in India?
At Markforged, we are proud to introduce our groundbreaking Continuous Carbon Fiber technology. It’s truly a game-changer in the manufacturing industry, revolutionising our approach to creating parts. With this technology, we are capable of 3D printing exceptionally strong and durable end-used components. This advancement empowers Indian companies to harness the potential of 3D printing and leverage its benefits in their operations.

What are the growth prospects and projections for the 3D printing industry, particularly in tube manufacturing and the tools sector?
The outlook of tube manufacturing and the tools industry is highly optimistic. The 3D printing industry has been experiencing remarkable growth, with an annual expansion rate of 25 percent. This trend shows no signs of slowing down; it is expected to gain further momentum. It is fascinating to witness the global market share of 3D printing surge from around $18 billion to a staggering $118 billion by 2030.

Recently there have been numerous improvements and breakthroughs in 3D printing. A notable advancement involves companies’ ability to 3D print continuous carbon fibre, extending up to half a meter. We have achieved a significant milestone by enabling the 3D printing of Alton parts with continuous fibre for the first time. This development substantially broadens the range of parts that can be 3D printed using Markforged technology today.

How does Markforged prioritise sustainability?
Sustainability is critical to us. Markforged technology can be used to reduce environmental impact and help companies with their ESG targets. So the benefit is that rather than shipping parts worldwide, you can 3D print them on-site and on-demand, reducing waste.

We plan to invest in cutting-edge technology persistently. We recently acquired a simulation company and a metal binder jetting company. As we advance, we will focus on investing in technologies that empower our customers to revolutionise and revive the manufacturing industry.

How does integrating artificial intelligence and technologies like AR and VR contribute to the advancement of 3D printing?
The convergence of 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and technologies like AR and VR is evident. As a recent development, we have introduced the digital forge software platform, which is called Blacksmith. With Blacksmith, we can employ artificial intelligence to perform 3D scanning and generate accuracy reports for the 3D printed components. This integration of AI into our software enables continuous learning and improvement in 3D printing as our customers continue to print more and more. Our innovative software solutions are enhancing and shaping the future of 3D printing.

What are the major challenges faced in modernising Indian manufacturing units?
The key challenge in modernising Indian factories is the requirement for increased investment in industrial technologies. This challenge is not unique to India but is prevalent in several countries. To stay competitive, companies must wholeheartedly embrace automation technologies and transition towards the concept of the factory of the future. There is a pressing need for greater investment and increased government support to expedite the adoption of industrial technology in India.

How has the partnership between Markforged and Phillips been beneficial and expanded globally, particularly in introducing additive manufacturing?
The partnership between Markforged and Phillips has proven to be highly advantageous. Initially established in North America, our collaboration has successfully expanded to include India, and we have recently ventured into countries like Malaysia. Our partnership with Phillips has been thriving, primarily due to the significant number of manufacturers already utilising Phillips CNC technology. When these manufacturers approach Phillips seeking alternative manufacturing methods, additive manufacturing becomes an attractive solution that Phillips can introduce to its customers. This is where the synergy between Markforged and Phillips truly shines, enabling us to provide innovative manufacturing options through our partnership.

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