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Elevating metrology with seamless and secure integration 

Elevating metrology with seamless and secure integration 

January 31, 2024 8:12 pm

Uday Dixit, General Manager at Polyworks India, discusses the evolving role of metrology systems in accurate measurement, highlighting solutions for metal forming, data management, the automotive sector, and augmented reality applications.

What types of measuring equipment are included in your solutions for metal forming applications?

Metal forming is particularly significant for our offerings. Our solutions consist of a uniform platform for various types of measuring equipment, such as portable scanners, portable as well as bridge-type CMMs, and laser tracker.

Our primary product offering for the metal forming industry is PolyWorks Inspector software. This software solution is compatible with all measuring instruments, making them versatile. We are also focusing on a data management system capable of handling comprehensive 3D measurement data, which extends beyond the limits of the measurement, encompassing entire project data and metadata. This includes details like manufacturing location, inspection personnel, inspection dates, and the specific machine used, all stored within a single project. It is a complete 3D Data Management solution.

What are the key trends in metrology regarding data storage and accessibility?

The latest trends in metrology emphasise secure data storage and efficient accessibility, eliminating reliance on operators for data access and analysis. There is a shift from 2D drawings towards 3D CAD models, which contain all pertinent information previously found in 2D drawings, including nominal and tolerance values, alignments, and various details. This enables operators in the measurement room to obtain all necessary data directly from the 3D CAD model, simplifying the process as they can download the model to have the complete program ready.

What solutions does your company provide for metrology needs in the automotive sector?


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Metrology plays a vital role in the automotive sector. It is critical for components like Engine block and other intricate parts. We offer solutions to address these needs effectively. High-precision parts can be inspected using bridge-type CMM, while sheet metal parts can be measured using a portable CMM. 100% inspection possible with robot based scanner directly online, such as BIW measurement. We provide software solutions for all these applications.

How does your data solution improve accessibility and security for measurement data?

Traditionally, measurement data is stored on local desktops, laptops, or hard disks, making access difficult for others and relying heavily on operators. To address this, it is advisable to store all data securely on a server accessible to relevant personnel. With data management solutions like ours, accessing and analysing data should be effortless, allowing quick conclusions. This server-based approach ensures data security and easy accessibility, even via a simple Chrome browser on mobile devices.

What capabilities does AR offer for visualising part dimensions and guiding operators during inspections?

Augmented reality (AR) is emerging as a significant technology, allowing the virtual visualisation of a part’s dimensions. It enables the inclusion of instructions for new operators inspecting the part, storing guidance on how to measure it within the AR interface. This allows operators to follow instructions visually and effectively during inspections.

Can you share a case study where solutions are available for improving efficiency?

We recently collaborated with a company that manufactures defence parts, which posed challenges for inspection. Picture a scenario where a 5-meter part requires one person to operate a laptop while another holds sensors or similar equipment. Communication between them is crucial to capture the correct dimensions and points. We have a few solutions focused on this aspect. One option is a simple mobile app replicating the laptop interface, allowing the operator to view captured points and dimensions directly on their mobile device. This, along with saving the workforce, also enhances efficiency. AR technology has proven beneficial for inspecting such large parts. Several aerospace companies have already implemented this technology with success.

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