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NORD geared motors for precision and performance

NORD geared motors for precision and performance

February 1, 2024 11:31 am

Amit Deokule, Director – Sales & Marketing, NORD Drivesystems, discusses how NORD geared motors, with a wide range of available torque capacities network, ensure optimal performance throughout the geared motors’ operational lifespan.

Please elaborate on the role of NORD-geared motors across different sectors.

NORD geared motors play a major role in the core components of key machinery across various industries such as intralogistics, warehousing, construction, water treatment, cement, food and beverage, and chemical sectors.

Please brief us about the torque capacities offered for your geared motors.

NORD geared motors encompass a torque capacity ranging from 10 Nm to 100,000 Nm, including Helical, Parallel Shaft, and Helical Bevel geared motors. Further, our Pune plant now hosts an assembly line for Industrial Gearboxes. The torque capacity of these Industrial Gearboxes ranges from 15,000 Nm to 282,000 Nm.

Which materials used in manufacturing your geared motors ensure durability and reliability in challenging environments?

The gearbox housing is constructed from Grey Cast Iron GGG20, and upon request, we can provide GGG40 to fulfil more stringent specifications. It also depends on the optimum selection of geared motors, considering factors such as special seals, protective measures, and suitable oils to withstand challenging environmental conditions.

What is the expected lifespan of your geared motors under typical conditions?

The geared motors are designed and engineered for durable life. The Unicase design in NORD geared motors ensures that there are no bearing seats and bolt-on flanges within the body and no sealing surfaces exposed to torque and overhung loads. This design minimizes the risk of leakages, ensuring a prolonged service life, quiet operation, substantial drive torque, and a high capacity to withstand axial and radial loads. The right selection of geared motors and adherence to timely maintenance impart a trouble-free operational lifespan.


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What special features have been integrated into your geared motors to boost reliability and performance?

Our primary focus is providing energy-efficient Helical Bevel geared motors instead of less efficient worm-geared motors, underscoring our commitment to energy conservation. The Unicase design of NORD geared motors ensures higher torque delivery in a compact design. The Quadra lip sealing ensures that there are 3 lips and a fourth layer of oil and grease as a barrier for oil to come out.

What maintenance procedures are recommended for your geared motors to ensure optimal performance?

We have established a comprehensive set of procedures for service and maintenance, which must be adhered to to achieve optimal performance and prolonged equipment lifespan. These procedures are provided with every delivery to our customers.

How does NORD’s commitment to the Go Green mission translate into advocating for energy-efficient products?

At NORD, our dedication to the Go Green mission is firm. In alignment with this commitment, we consistently advocate for energy efficiency against inefficient, obsolete products coupled with premium efficiency. This includes using premium efficiency motors (IE3) and Super Premium efficiency motors (IE4). Furthermore, all our geared motors comply with CE and BIS marking standards.

What is the process for customers to access after-sales support and service for your geared motors?

Our service team is located at our Pune Head Office, and we have dedicated service engineers in New Delhi, Vadodara, Bangalore, and Kolkata. In addition to our in-house team, we have 14 service partners across India, all of whom have undergone training by NORD. Customers can contact us with queries through our toll-free number at 1800 200 2042. Furthermore, we provide on-site service with our service van, covering a radius of 800 km from Pune and extending to other locations upon customer request.

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