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We build automation solutions to save resources

We build automation solutions to save resources

August 1, 2022 12:44 pm

An innovation-driven company, it uses cuttingedge technology to manufacture a quality range of products.

With an experience of more than 35 years, Mr. U.K. Sardana, Founder and Chief Managing Director of SPAC Pneumatic stepped into the automation industry with the motto to make things effortlessly easy for humankind. An avid explorer in mechanical and automation engineering, Mr. Sardana aims to equip every industry with sustainability and safety.

He founded SPAC Pneumatic in 2002, now a key player in the industry with more than 10,000 products in the arsenal. An innovation-driven company, it uses cutting-edge technology to manufacture a quality range of products while focusing on continuous R&D and impeccable customer service. We believe constant innovation is crucial to set a benchmark, and we wholeheartedly fixate our efforts on that. With global standard quality checks, we manufacture standard and customised products as per the customer’s requirements in our state-of-the-art manufacturing units.

Over the years, SPAC Pneumatic has developed innovative and efficient automation solutions for its partners. We believe in a sustainable future, and to make it possible, we build automation solutions that can save resources. Some of the examples are: ElectroPneumatic Pressurised Toilet Flushing System: The SPAC Electro-Pneumatic Pressurised Toilet Flushing System provides a strong, reliable, safe, and user-friendly design. It is as comfortable as traditional flush toilets but is way more eco-friendly and requires low maintenance. It has many features, but the main issue it solves is the wastage of water. It consumes only 1.5 litres of water in a flushing cycle without compromising cleanliness.

Pneucontrol – Integrated Bus Door Operating System: An integrated pneumatic system solution for opening and shutting bus doors. This first-of-its-kind plug & play system is an innovative arrangement to add convenience for bus manufacturers. It cuts down several hours of workmanship and enhances safety by reducing the chances of fire. With much less power consumption, this highly efficient system is also customisable per the customer’s needs.

TATA Steel – Oil Pouring Application: In the process of pipe rolling in mills, a lot of oil is used. After the final bundling of these pipes, these are kept on a bed, which is then inclined at 45 degrees with the help of overhead cranes to drain the oil completely, which takes about 40 minutes. For those 40 minutes, the crane cannot perform any other activity, halting several different operations. SPAC Pneumatic identified this problem statement and came up with a productive solution. We manufactured and delivered an automatic bed lifting machine, which reduced crane usage and helped remove oil from the pipe quickly. The oil is also saved, which can be later used again. It helped TATA Steel save Rs.1.8 cr per year.

With an expansive network of dealers, distributors and authorised service centres across India, we cater to the needs of almost every industry. We are taking a step forward to move beyond the borders and make a stronghold in America, Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, the Middle East, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, and Mauritius.

We put all our intelligence and experience into the company’s growth. Our customised solutions and product developments have enabled us to partner with some leading brands worldwide, such as Tata Steel, BSL, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Steel Authority of India Limited, NTPC Limited, Indian Railways, etc. We have been moving from better to best by instilling trust in our customers for almost two decades now and will continue to do so with all our might.

Please contact us: Phone & WhatsApp: 0120-4733333; Mobile: +91 77019 97847

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