Tailored Advertisements in Shopping Mall using Facial Recognition Technology


Technology has taken a huge leap into identification and authentication process through facial recognition. Nowadays, shopping malls are installing face-scanning technology to target advertisements to individual customers at the till. The advertising screen, positioned at till scans the eyes of customers to detect the age and gender of the viewer and then run the tailored advertisements.

In this technology, the advertisers use Amscreen’s camera to identify a customer’s gender and approximate age. Then after the matching process, the advertisement will be shown according to that demographic.

How it works
In a shopping mall, the advertisements are getting more innovative day by day. The use of facial recognition is the recent trend, increasing the effectiveness of out of home advertising. The advertisement plays on the LCD screen with a camera hidden, linked by software to analyze the demographic information about gender and age. This type of technology has the potential to change the ads as per the age and gender.

The most important benefit of using facial recognition in advertising in shopping malls is this would allow the advertisers to receive the actual feedback from out of the home advertising. With this type of advertisements, it is possible to measure ROI much more accurate for mall ads. The software analyses the raw data to provide useful information to the advertisers for better understanding.

Some of the companies have started providing more accurate data, adding more parameters like date, location and time to make the study more precise. This allows the advertising agencies to review their campaign performance throughout the display period and optimize it to guarantee maximum exposure to the relevant exposure.

Facial recognition increasingly allows brands to customise campaigns. Already, many companies such as Facebook, Google and Tesco are using the technology. Also, a patent published by Apple shows how the company has investigated the possibility of using facial recognition as a security measure for unlocking iPhones.

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