CNC shot peening machine for rock drill bits

Rock Drills Bits areas are affected with heavy loading during rock drilling. The repeated Torsion Loads reduces the life of Rock Drill Bits. To enhance the fatigue life of Rock Drill Bits shot peening is carried out on internal bores & external surfaces.
Rock Drill Bits for shot peening mounted on Indexing Turn Table get shot peened by external blast nozzles or lance nozzles for internal shot peening. Nozzles mounted on mechanical reciprocation systems complete the pre-programmed operation. The shot peening media get re-cycled through size & shape classifier for maintaining the spherical ness of the shots being used for peening. The butterfly valves have been provided for intermittent transfer of unclassified shots from shot size classifier to shot shape classifier.
The bits are mounted between the pneumatically operated centers on individual satellites for positive locking and operator’s ease.
For uninterrupted shot peening dual chamber direct pressure blast unit with multi blast nozzles operating with air pressures and controlled shot flow through Magna Valves. PLC control for semi-automatic and automatic installations providing integrated man-machine dialogue as well as system monitoring is provided.
Dust collecting system with continuously cleaned cartridge type filters. Parts of the filter cartridges are cleaned in stages with pulse of compressed air. The excellent quality of the cartridges and lay-out of the filters guarantee the highest degree of dust separation. The dust generated gets trapped on cartridge filter element in dust collector and clean air is discharged in environment.
Contact: Vivek Mehra, Vice-President-Mktg.MEC SHOT BLASTING EQUIPMENTS PVT. LTD.E-279, M.I.A., PHASE II, BASNIJodhpur 342005Tel: +91-291-2740609, 2744068 Fax: +91-291-2742409E-mail : mail@mecshot.com www.mecshot.net

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