Heat & Control System

High temp furnaces, vacuum furnaces, lab furnaces
Chamber furnace: Robust sturdy construction of mild steel neatly finished with heat resistant aluminium or powder coating finish. Low thermal mass insulation instead of brick insulation ensures rapid heating and cooling and moreover makes the construction considerably lighter in weight and compact.
High temperature furnace: Robust sturdy construction of mild steel neatly finished with heat resistant silver aluminium paint or powder coating finish. High grade low thermal mass graded insulation (imported
vacuum formed insulation) comprising high temp ceramic board and ceramic fiber insulation thus keeping the skin temp within the permissible limits.
Muffle furnace: Lightweight construction of mild steel with pleasing powder coating finish. Heating elements are made of Kanthal- A1 high quality resistance wire in coil form wound on the high grade muffle, embedded in high grade refractory cement and backed by low mass thermal insulation.
Crucible/pot melting furnace: These furnaces are used for melting of metals like zinc, copper, brass, aluminium, gold, silver etc.
Construction: Outer body of MS or SS duly painted with neat finish and comprising of low thermal mass insulation wool ensuring minimum surface temp even at higher temperatures.
We have specialized in the manufacture of gas & oil fired furnaces for varied applications optimizing fuel and efficiency with the latest technological advancements. 
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Heat & Control System
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