Lanco Transforms Business with SAP Software [Apr 2012]

In an aim to build a foundation for sustained quality and growth; Lanco deployed the SAP ERP Human Capital Management solution and SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse component

Lanco Industries Ltd

Mill products – fabricated metal products

Products and Services:
Manufacturer of ductile iron pipes, ductile iron fittings, and pig iron

Over 1,450

Rs. 728 crore

vCentric Technologies Pvt Ltd
Executive overviewBusiness TransformationThe company’s top objectives• Integrate payroll, time management, and financial processes• Reduce payroll processing time and expand employee self-service• Make the right decisions for growth and customer satisfactionThe Resolution• Deploy the SAP® ERP Human Capital Management solution and SAP NetWeaver® Business Warehouse component to support process integration and visibility• Team key stakeholders from the earlier deployment of the SAP ERP application with the implementation partner• Employ quality assurance measures and training during implementationThe Key benefits• Fast, on-time payroll processing• Collaborative HR operations• Employee self-service• Comprehensive performance and profitability reporting• Informed, data-driven decision making.
Lanco’s ObjectivesBuilding a foundation for sustained quality and growthFew companies focus on quality like Lanco Industries, one of India’s leading manufacturers of high-quality ductile iron pipes, iron fittings, and pig iron. Lanco enjoys a reputation for the reliability and durability of its products and services. By forging a strategic alliance with India’s leading pipeline provider, Electrosteel Steels, Lanco is confident in a future of improved business performance and growth.
Part of that journey focuses on the ability of Lanco’s HR operation to integrate disconnected payroll, time management, and financial processes. The company also wants to eliminate HR processing delays and close reporting gaps, while giving employees self-service access to critical HR resources. Lanco is also focused on the bigger picture – improving visibility across all business operations to give its people the insight to make the best decisions for customer satisfaction and business growth.
ResolutionBreaking barriers with SAP ERP HCM and SAP NetWeaver BWLanco evaluated various HR and business intelligence solutions. It chose SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) – including the solution’s payroll and self-service functionality – along with SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW). Both solutions would work together to eliminate Lanco’s insight and performance barriers. Lanco had already deployed the SAP ERP application, so the firm fully appreciated the integration and automation benefits that SAP software delivers.
Lanco executives, HR stakeholders, and internal SAP experts teamed up with implementation partner vCentric Technologies. Working together, they identified functional gaps and developed a highly detailed project plan. Throughout all stages of the implementation, Lanco adopted a disciplined approach to address the challenges of change management and help ensure the successful deployment of the solutions. Lanco also attributes this success to the support for HCM best practices that’s built into SAP ERP HCM.
The team developed quality assurance plans for every aspect of the project, including vCentric’s delivery of business-user training. The training enabled Lanco’s executives to take full advantage of the analytical resources that SAP NetWeaver BW makes available. The training also helped ensure that Lanco’s HR specialists can tightly coordinate operations and eliminate bottlenecks using the best practices workflow enforced by SAP ERP HCM.
Business TransformationSupporting complete analytics & seamless HR performanceSAP ERP HCM has consolidated and standardised all HR-related processes and data into a single platform. The software allows HR staff to complete payroll processing and other personnel administration tasks faster than ever before. But it has also helped transform the HR organisation from a collection of distinct departments to a centralised, service-oriented team that’s constantly finding ways to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and deliver more employee self-services.
This same consolidation strategy is being pursued by Lanco’s senior managers, who now use the comprehensive profitability and performance reporting available through SAP NetWeaver BW to better manage day-to-day operations. The solution establishes a complete data warehouse for Lanco, making information across its SAP and non-SAP software landscape available for informed, data-driven decision making.
Future PlansFinding more ways to improve with SAP softwareLanco is exploring the full potential of the performance and cost benefits that its SAP software investment can deliver. The company likes to enhance the decision making of business users-including its top management and production, sales, and finance executives-with powerful, personalized, and interactive dashboards using SAP BusinessObjects™ Dashboards software. This will give Lanco’s employees instant access to clear, understandable business metrics using live connections to SAP NetWeaver BW.
Lanco is also looking to extend its use of SAP Business Suite software to expand the success of its HR operations to other core areas of the company. For example, it plans to deploy the SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) application to support tight integration of supply chain processes, improve execution times, and reduce costs.

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