Shri Shakti Alternative Energy Ltd.

Shri Shakti Alternative Energy Ltd.
Solar products for trendy lifestyle
The company provides consultancy services and complete solutions for renewable energy, energy efficiency and clean development mechanism projects.
Shakti Solarsys offers low temperature solar water heating systems for residential, commercial and industrial use with flat plate collectors or evacuated tubes collectors.
Our product range
The products are user-friendly, cost-friendly and eco-friendly. They offer you a range of products for a variety of needs, such as camping, leisure activity, to face power cuts and to cope with lack of infrastructure in remote areas. They are designed for easy use and can be installed without technical help. It is a sensible alternative to electricity and fossil fuels. You can reduce your dependence on electricity and petroleum products, besides reducing pollution through a renewable source of energy.
The products: Shakti solar torch with AC charger. Shakti solar cool cap, solar AM/FM radio with torch light. Solar-friendly lantern-1. Shakti AM/FM dynamo radio with torch. Shakti dynamo torch.
Shakti Solarsys water heating systems: The company has been in the business of hot water solutions since 1998.The manufacturing facilities support marketing and after-sales service of water heating systems to provide guaranteed hot water at all times
Solarsys (flate-plate based)
• Highly recommended for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.
• Suitable for pressurized and non-pressurized water supply.
• ISI marked solar collectors.
Solarsys (evacuated tube-based)
• Useful for places with lower solar radiation levels.
• Commonly used for non – pressurized water supply.
• Higher thermal efficiency.
Guaranteed hot water at all times. Electrical back up or powerful gas geyser backup with Solarsys controls. Avail capital subsidy for residential township and institutional use as per MNRE schemes.
Shri Shakti Alternative Energy Ltd.
F8, Balanagar, Hyderabad 500 037
Tel: 91-040-2377 0511 / 0512
Fax: 2377 0513

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