Span Filtermist India Pvt. Ltd.

Oil mist collector (filtermistxcel), electrostatic precipitator
I ndustrial Air Filter(EDM Clean X Filter), Oil Skimmer, Dust Collector, Component Cleaning Cabinet
Dust Collectors: We manufacture a wide range of industrial dust collectors. Our dust collectors are used in several industries for dust generating applications.
Systems We Specialize Include: Cyclone dust collectors with sequential air pulsating for dust bag cleaning. Cyclone type dust collectors. Industrial dust collectors with various media filters to suit any specific application. Our range of Dust Filtration range for systems varies from 100 Micron to 1 Micron in media type filters. We also offer tailor made solutions if there is any such specific requirement for dust problems in the shop floor.
Dust generating applications: Carbon dust, Graphite machining, Cement factories, Rubber mills, Dry Machining applications, Bench / Tool & cutter grinders, Abrasive cut off machines.
Industrial Air Filter(EDM Clean X Filter): Industrial smokes, fumes and odors get generated in the process of mechanical processing in various factories can result in very unpleasant working condition. Our industrial air filter like clean x filters are equipped with triple action filtration that help in help eliminating Smoke, Fume and Odor produced by Spark Erosion and similar types of fume and smell generating equipment. High capacity replaceable media air filter working in three-stage water filter help guarantee minimum maintenance cost. Large contaminant particles are captured and bound by the Pre filter like media air filter. Remaining smoke are eliminated by the industrial air filter like HEPA Filter. To finish the procedure active carbon filter holds the fine gas particles that cause odor.
Highlights of our EDM Clean X Filter: Compactly designed. Fume, smoke and Odor elimination with different 3 filters. Ideal for EDM and Laser marking machines.
Span Filtermist India Pvt. Ltd.
Plot 4, Ramtekdi,
Industrial Town Planning
Hadapsar, Pune 411028
Tel: +91-20-26811226/26811227
Fax: +91-20-26810773

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