Vibronics Pvt. Ltd.

Ultraosnic cleaning equipment from Vibronics
Vibronics Pvt Ltd manufactures and exports ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning solution, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, flaw detectors, ultrasonic processors, ultrasonic cleaning systems, etc.
Our product range: Ultrasonic cleaning mechanism is a an effect created by the action of sound waves at high frequency, introduced into liquid cleaning medium. The process consists of four major components like transducer, generator, tank, cleaning solution.
Ultrasonic flaw detectors
Field operation specials (models: FD 301 M, FD 301 MP, FD 401 MP): An ideal instrument for filed operation, it provides precise quantitative evaluations with the simplest of controls that anyone can handle. Both models are powered by rechargeable batteries housed inside the main units. A plug in battery charger permits the battery to be charges without removal from the main unit.
Vibronics rail tester (model: FD 301 R): It is used for testing rails during manufacture and after for fatigue cracks. The unit employs five double probes, two of 70° and 37° forward backward type and one special 70° double probe. Provision is made for a water tank to enable constant water supply for probe coupling. The whole unit is made to RDSO’S specifications.
Vibronics plate tester: The flaw detector is mounted on a trolley with universal movement. The trolley is housed with 4 MHz double crystal probe and built-in water tank to ensure continuous couplant for the probe. The equipment is totally battery operated.
Vibronics accessories: Carrying case gives added protection to instruments at all times.
Calibration blocks: The instruments’ performance can be checked and adjusted regularly and easily, using standard calibration blocks.
Batteries: Reliable long life cycle rechargeable batteries for use in portable instruments. Available in 5-hr or 8-hr chargeable time.
Probe cables: Standard BNC to BNC available ex-stock for length from 2 meters onwards. Special cables like BNC lemo, etc. supplied on request.
Akolawala Mustufa
Vibronics Pvt. Ltd.
W-400, TTC Industrial Area, MIDC, Rabale
Navi Mumbai, Mumbai 400701, Maharashtra
Tel: +91-22-27690440/0593
Fax: +91-22-27690440/0593

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