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PFERD offers cost-effective solution for grinding points


Here is a report on the performance of tools for surface finishing and material cutting, an important factor affecting cost-effectiveness.

The performance of tools for surface finishing and material cutting is an important factor affecting cost-effectiveness. Electroplated diamond tools have become popular especially for working on grey and nodular cast iron. PFERD presents efficient solutions in the area of electroplated grinding points.

Cost-effectiveness plays an important role when working on grey and nodular cast iron. Production cycles need to be shortened and non-productive times, e.g. for tool changes, need to be reduced while maintaining a consistently high quality and reproducible results.

Electroplated grinding tools: The solution
Electroplated grinding tools have recently proved to meet these requirements. Thanks to the superhard abrasive diamond, they have much higher stock removal rates and much longer service lives than conventional tools made of aluminium oxide or silicon carbide. Another advantage of electroplated diamond tools is the monolayer coating, making them very open tools with an efficient cutting performance and exceptionally large chip spaces. Thanks to their constant geometry and dimensional stability, they can also be used on robots and stationary machines.

Since the tools do not wear in the same way that conventional grinding tools do, there is a very low dust load during use, which means that users are exposed to considerably less dust. In addition, the dimensional stability reduces vibration resulting from imbalance and minimizes dressing time and costs.

What the creators say!
The new diamond grinding points with grit size D 852 recently introduced reflect this expertise and tradition, as Jonas Lichtinghagen, Product Manager, diamond and CBN tools, PFERD, explains, “We developed this line of grinding points specially tailored to the tough and demanding applications in foundries. The four different shapes and eight dimensions in total are used for working on grey and nodular cast iron, other solutions for working on grey and nodular cast iron in the PFERD range GG and GGG or GJL and GJS; usually for applications such as grinding out, levelling and deburring.” Their service lives and the fast, aggressive grinding with very high stock removal rates are outstanding. “But most importantly, metal and sand contamination do not pose a problem for the super hard abrasives,” says the PFERD Product Manager. Electric or air-powered straight grinders or flexible shaft drives are suitable drives for the predominantly dry grinding processes. “But our tools are more and more often used on stationary machines or e include the grinding disc CC-GRIND-SOLID-DIAMOND or the diamond grinding wheel, which were specially developed for applications on hard materials such as grey and nodular cast iron. Or the electroplated diamond cut-off wheel with grit size D 852. “All of these tools have a very long tool life and work fast and aggressively while generating very little dust and robots too, and they are ideally suited to this thanks to their dimensional stability,”says the PFERD Product Manager.

The range is completed by the option of custom-made products developed to suit an individual customer’s needs. “Our team manufacturing electroplated tools provides many different products
and services. From process analysis to production, coating or recoating to determining application parameters, we take care of the entire process holistically,” says Lichtinghagen, “always with the aim of offering the ideal and most cost-effective solution for each application.”

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