Delphi Technologies Featured on New Vehicles at Geneva Auto Show

Delphi Technologies Featured on New Vehicles at Geneva Auto Show
“Delphi’s electrical/electronic architecture solutions help OEMs reduce mass, minimize system complexity and overcome packaging challenges.”
Delphi Automotive is supplying innovative technology to a large number of new vehicles introduced at Geneva Auto Show. From clean diesel systems to active safety technology, Delphi is working to help drivers stay safe and remain connected while lessening the environmental impact of the vehicle they drive.
Delphi’s multimode Electronically Scanning Radar (ESR) takes active safety to the next level, enabling features such as adaptive cruise control with collision warning and brake support and collision mitigation with autonomous brake support. Unlike competitive radars, the ESR provides two measurement modes simultaneously. ESR’s long-range coverage provides accurate range and speed data with effective object detection while wide, mid-range coverage not only allows vehicles cutting in from adjacent lanes to be detected but also identifies vehicles and pedestrians across the width of the equipped vehicle. This innovative technology is featured on the new Ford C-Max and Volvo S60.
The new Volvo S60 collision mitigation system features full speed range adaptive cruise control plus a collision warning and mitigation system with full automatic braking power. The system fuses radar and camera data to warn the driver of a potential collision with a vehicle or pedestrian and automatically brakes if the driver is unable. With both automakers and drivers looking for greener vehicles, Delphi’s powertrain and air conditioning technology help reduce emissions and increase fuel economy.
The Renault Megane Coupe-Cabriolet is among the new vehicles to be fitted with Delphi’s Multec Diesel Common Rail System, a robust, cost-effective modular diesel fuel injection system. With its smart balanced valve solenoid injector design, this innovative system is extremely fast and has injection performances similar to competitive servo-piezo technologies. Its unique control strategies enable the system to deliver precise fuel quantities over the life of the vehicle and provide optimal emissions control and acoustic performance.
Delphi also provides climate control systems that result in enhanced vehicle performance, durability, comfort, and vehicle efficiency. The new Opel Meriva, Porsche Cayenne, and Volkswagen Touareg feature a complete Delphi heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

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