Everywhere you look, our products are there

Everywhere you look, our products are there
“Our goal at Lubrizol is to encourage people to think differently about the way we do business,” says Manoj Dhar, business development manager for Lubrizol India. “It’s not about what our customers can do for us but, rather, it’s about what we can accomplish with and for them.”
Briefly discuss the business activities of Lubrizol in India.
Lubrizol is an 82-year-old specialty chemicals company that employs 6,700 people in 27 countries. Our business segments include Lubrizol Additives and Lubrizol Advanced Materials.
On the Advanced Materials side, TempRite Engineered Polymers is the world leader in the manufacture of CPVC resins and compounds.  Our heat-resistant, low-combustibility CPVC is sold to licensed customers who manufacture plumbing, fire sprinkler and industrial pipe and fittings sold under the brand names of FlowGuard, BlazeMaster and Corzan, respectively.  Lubrizol’s CPVC compounds can also be found in products as diverse as exterior building materials (such as exterior cladding and fencing), industrial systems and aircraft interiors.
What are the different industries being served by your company?
Lubrizol produces and supplies technologies that improve the quality and performance of our customers’ products in the global transportation, industrial and consumer markets.  The Lubrizol Additives business segment is the leading global supplier of additives for transportation and industrial lubricants. The Lubrizol Advanced Materials segment represents a diverse portfolio of performance chemicals used in consumer and industrial applications including personal care and pharmaceuticals, coatings and inks and specialty plastics and materials.
What industry offers the greatest potential for your business?
The building and construction industry present major business opportunities for us since we offer piping solutions in the plumbing, fire sprinkler and industrial sectors.
Scarcity of energy resources has forced countries and companies to venture into the renewable energy sector.  What are Lubrizol’s commitments in this regard?
Lubrizol has invested in this cause by manufacturing products that use fewer non-renewable energy resources.  We remain committed to this cause and are always working to identify new and better solutions.
Lubrizol is a world leader in CPVC technology.  Can you explain this technology and its growing acceptance in the Indian market?
With regard to the popularity and acceptance of CPVC in the Indian market, we have experienced increased demand for our pipe and fittings sold under the FlowGuard brand name for plumbing applications.  FlowGuard pipe and fittings are available from ½” to 12 ” and produced according to a wide range of international standards including ASTM F439 (schedule 80), ASTM F441 (schedule 40 and 80), ASTM D2846 (copper tube size) and EN ISO 15877.
What are the different kinds of CPVC solutions available in the Indian market?
We supply pipe and fittings for potable water applications sold under our FlowGuard brand.  FlowGuard plumbing systems offer a highly cost-effective alternative.  Material costs are stable and labor costs are lower thanks to the system’s fast and easy installation process.  And since CPVC has little scrap value, job site thefts are also minimized.
Our industrial piping system sold under the Corzan brand name is chemically inert to most mineral acids, bases and salts, as well as aliphatic hydrocarbons.  In addition, these systems are not subject to galvanic corrosion.  As a result, Corzan Industrial Systems can replace metallic piping in many applications—from metal finishing and chemical processing to water and waste treatment and offshore/ marine applications– and provide longer service life, lower maintenance costs, and help ensure environmental compliance.
Our fire sprinkler system sold under the BlazeMaster brand serves the fire sprinkler industry for light hazard applications.  From a long-term reliability standpoint, BlazeMaster pipe and fittings offer corrosion resistance (including resistance to Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion/MIC), superior hydraulics, high heat tolerances and superior flame and smoke characteristics.
Describe the primary features, uses and benefits of TempRite CPVC.
Piping solutions manufactured from TempRite CPVC and sold under the FlowGuard brand name offer a number of attractive benefits that make it ideal for use in potable hot and cold water distribution systems. The true value of a FlowGuard plumbing system is found in its superior performance.  Immune to the effects of corrosion, pitting and scaling, FlowGuard pipe and fittings offer long-term, reliable and low-maintenance performance.  Strong solvent cement welded joints provide added reliability and peace of mind.
What are the advantages of Lubrizol’s products and solutions over others available in the Indian market?
One of Lubrizol’s greatest contributions to the industry is the work we do in conjunction with our customers to train plumbers on the proper use and installation of our branded piping systems.  Our goal is to train 15,000 plumbers across India in 2010 through our Customers. Above all, we want to provide state-of-the-art piping systems to the Indian market at an affordable price and back it with exceptional service.  Important to every household is the fact that we offer a piping solution that maintains water quality.  The combination of these benefits allows us to stay ahead of the competition.
Describe your manufacturing facilities in India.
We work through three customers in India–Astral, Ashirvad and Ajay–to create a distribution channel that covers the entire country, as well as SAARC countries.
What is your projection for the state of India’s manufacturing excellence by the year 2020?
India will become a manufacturing hub for engineering products, automobiles, aviation, etc.  By 2020 India will be viewed as a trend setter in key manufacturing sectors as it leads the world with state-of-the-art technologies.
Can you identify the major growth drivers for India’s manufacturing sector?
Market growth will be the result of a number of factors, including: rising population of the middle income group; enhanced aspirations; access by the younger generation to new technologies; expanded infrastructure and increased competition.

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