Gamesa launches new G97-2.0 MW wind turbine [Mar 2012]

Gamesa , a global technology leader in wind energy, launched its new G97-2.0 MW wind turbine in India. The turbine was unveiled by Minister of New and Renewable Energy, Dr. Farooq Abdullah along with Ramesh Kymal, Chairman and Managing Director, Gamesa India.
The new G97 turbine has been especially designed for low-wind sites and Gamesa expects such sites to drive a major portion of demand in the 2.0 MW category. The turbine features a swept area 16 per cent larger than that of the G90 turbine and exceeds the energy output by nearly 14 per cent. G97 features a new aerodynamic blade profile with optimized blade root, Inbuilt ‘dry type’ Transformer and an Inbuilt Condition Monitoring System. The turbine has a series of enhancements along with an updated look, with a state-of-the-art nacelle design and improvements in the cooling system inside the nacelle.Gamesa launched the G97 in the global market in the later part of 2011 and began manufacturing this turbine in Spain, China, India and the US simultaneously. Gamesa factories are currently producing the new turbines, following upgrades of existing facilities to address rising demand from this growth market.
The company has already secured contracts to supply 356 MW of its new G97-2.0 MW turbine worldwide. In India, it has orders for G97 from Lakshmi Machine Works Group apart from other investors.

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