Innovation holds key for growth

Growing economy being viewed as a challenge and opportunity. Ashish Sengupta, GM, Atlas Copco Compressor Sales pushes the limit with several user friendly initiatives
Brief us about the target sectors of your business.
Compressors find application in almost all types of industry, ranging from general engineering, automobile, pharmaceuticals, textile to name a few. Therefore, presence in all segments is vital. However from the Indian context, there is huge emphasis on infrastructure and core industries like power, metals and mining.
What are the factors driving the growth of compressors business?
Technological innovation and market presence are the prime growth drivers.
Could you tell us about the technological advancements being carried out by Atlas Copco?
Innovation is one of the core values. The company continues to invest in R&D to drive productivity for its customers by developing energy efficient and environment friendly products. With efficient compressor technologies such as piston, screw, turbo and scroll; we offer the best possible life cycle cost solution for an application.
We also offer integrated energy efficient VSD technology and air treatment solutions along with energy saving screw compressor control system, compressors with energy recovery systems and a wide variety of optimization and audit products.
What are the different challenges faced by the industry as a whole?
A growing economy comes with its advantages and challenges. The good part is that the growth provides a tangible solution to each of the challenges. Atlas Copco views several challenges like higher competition, lower market prices, and of course, creating employee brand awareness, and attracting & retaining talent for hardcore engineering industry like ours.
Your commitment to the Indian market
With a commitment to maintain a strong position in the Indian market, the company will continue to invest in human resources, customer centric processes, and expanded manufacturing capabilities. Looking ahead, Atlas Copco has decided to build a new compressor manufacturing facility near Pune to meet its anticipated growth and demand in the coming years. The investment of about MSEK 160 will also serve to broaden the product offering to its customers in India.
Could you throw some light on other recent initiatives at your end?
We have launched several new products such as lighting towers, boosters, generators, medical air systems, service audit and optimization products. User friendly initiative by the company includes several customer contact programs to identify customer requirements. A toll free number (1800 200 0030) to ensure better communication between the customer and the company is a part of the ongoing initiatives.
We are also taking initiatives to attract, retain and develop the best talent available in the industry.

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