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Sprockets, worm gears worm reduction gears
P­rakash Gears has made a name for itself as the manufacturers of spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears, sprockets, worm gear, worm reduction gear, ohtc spares & textile spares.
Spur Gears: The dsigner is confronted with the problem of transferring power from one shaft to another while maintaining a define ratio between te velocities of rotation of the shafts. Various types of gearing have been developed for this purpose which will operate quietly and with very low friction losses. 
Bevel Gears: A bevel gearbox has an advantage over the worm gear because its efficiency is much higher. Yet another advantage being bevel gears is that bevel gears gives you the flexibility of right angle solution at a lower ratio. For shafts whose axes intersect straight bevel gears are best suited.
Straight and Zerol Bevel Gars: For peripheral speeds upto 1000 feet per minute, where maximum smoothness and quietness are not primary considerations, straight and Zerol bevel gears are recommended. or such applications, plain bearings may be used for radial and axial loads, although the use of anti-friction bearings are always preferable.
Spiral Bevel and Hypoid Gars: Spiral bevel and hypoid gears are recommended for applications where peripheral speeds exceed 1000 feet per minute or 1000 revolutions per minute, whichever occurs first .In many instances they may be used to advantage at lower speeds, particularly where extreme smoothness and quietness are desired.
Types of Bevel Gears: Bevel gears are conical gears, that is, gears in the shape of cones, and are used to connect shafts having intersecting axes. Hypoid gears are similar in general form to bevel but operate on axes that are offset, straight-tooth type or of the curved toot type. The latter type includes spiral bevels, Zerol bevels, and hypoid bevels. The following is a brief description of the distinguishing characteristics of the different types of bevel gears.
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