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Precision Gears and Extruder Screws
Prospect Gears & Components is in the business of manufacturing Precision Gears and Extruder Screws for Industrial Applications. The Company has grown from strength to strength and now manufactures select Product Group based on well-developed designs. An ISO 9001-2000 is a step forward to enhancement towards certain group of customers and to export market.
Prospect Gears & Components puts special emphasis on quality in all its processes from manufacturing to delivery. In this effort, the company exercises great caution in buying raw materials, recruiting people and choosing machinery. The company has machinery which is equipped with machinery of special and high speed precision gears.
Continuous improvement: Prospect Gears & Components believes in continual improvement in cost, quality and cycle time and to this end it encourages its people to present their suggestions and enable continuing improvements. Further, there is also continuous effort to upgrade technology and get the state of the art machinery so as to enable delivery of best in class service.
The list of machinery is as follows: S.N. name of machinemakecapacityqty1of16 hobbing m/c tos diameter 2000mm * face width 500mm 25 module12thread milling m/cwmw diameter 250mm * 2000mm length23fd500 hobbing m/ccugir diameter 500mm * face width 200mm  10 module14gear shaper drummond diameter 600mm * 100mm face width 8 module15gear grinder wmw diameter 550mm * 150mm face width 10 module16drilling machine eifco up to 20 mm17hob grinding machine klingenberg diameter 250mm; 25 module1growth & development
An attempt to ISO 9001-2000 is a step forward to enhancement towards certain group of customers and to export market.
Our Products: Spur, helical, worm & worm wheel & bevel gears. sprocket up to 2.5” pitch, timing pulley. Gears hardened & profile ground. as per requirement. Worm reduction gear box up to 6” centre distance rubber extruder screws. plastic extruder screws, cut on wmw thread milling machine capacity 200 mm od & 2000 long. gears cut on of-16 up to 25 module 2000 outside diameter.
Prospect Gears & Components
3 Sidhp ura Indl. Estate
S. V. Road, Goregaon west
Mumbai 400062   
Tel:  +91-22-28766694 
Fax:  +91-22- 28754181

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