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Avoiding loss of assets by water damage  restoration

Avoiding loss of assets by water damage restoration

October 17, 2022 5:09 pm

To avoid heavy loss due to water damage, companies must immediately arrange for a professional Water Damage Restoration company.

Flooding has always been associated with damage to valuable assets. Where it incurs a heavy loss on the property, the intensity of destruction is severe in commercial and industrial spaces. The draining effect of water disrupts business activities which, if left unattended, can account for the business shutdown.

Water destroys the infrastructure and valuable assets that impose huge reconstruction and replacement costs on the company. Businesses often are left with unbudgeted compensation because of high insurance claims. All the factors together unnecessarily add to the financial burden and negatively impact the business’s profitability.

The machinery, furnishings, and electromechanical equipment in industrial and commercial spaces are very costly, and replacing them can take a toll on the company. Therefore, companies must immediately arrange for a professional Water Damage Restoration company to avoid heavy loss due to water damage. It comes with end-to-end solutions for arresting any further damage to the material.

 It is well adept at reinstating the article to its original functionality with the help of dehumidification technology. Timely restoration of water damaged assets can help recover valuable material and prevent the possibility of costly secondary damage. In the process, it substantially reduces the reconstruction requirements and even lowers the insurance claim costs. Here, time plays a crucial role in recovering water damaged assets. The first 24 to 48 hours are very sensitive and necessitate a solid emergency disaster plan to curb the menace created by flooding. Timely restoration substantially reduces the company’s unnecessary expenses by eliminating the need to replace costly assets. It is recommended to hire highly trained professionals with the proper knowledge to deal with the problem. They come with the expertise to handle the sophisticated technology and equipment to control the damage incurred. The professionals are well trained to employ Water Damaged Restoration (WDR), which protects, preserves, and secures damaged assets. At the same time, it also protects the occupants from any health hazards. 

Dehumidification is critical throughout the Water Damage Restoration process. The complete drying and evaporation efforts can fail if it is not followed by dehumidification immediately. It majorly contributes to externally exhausting and removing the moisture from the air. Failing to dehumidify the space can lead to secondary damage and, at the same time, negatively impact health. Employing Desiccant Dehumidification can provide water mitigation solutions that are adept at drying and restoring water-damaged assets like electromechanical equipment, generator, transformers, turbines, electronic equipment, computer & data storage devices, documents, furniture, structural components, etc. Employing desiccant based dehumidification provides a sophisticated and effective technique to remove moisture from the damaged material. Here, it is imperative to monitor the humidity level throughout the restoration process to escalate the efficiency of the drying process. Keeping the relative humidity within the narrow range intervenes with the prospect of reaching wet and moist conditions that form a disastrous combination.

It is recommended to maintain environmental conditions with high temperature and low relative humidity (RH), considering warm air comes with more moisture holding capacity than cool air. It ensures speedy water evaporation. Proper care must be taken to inhibit humidity levels from reaching 100% capacity. In such a case, the situation can get out of control as 100 percent humidity initiates condensation on the surface that promotes the growth of fungus, mould, mildew, etc. It also causes the corrosion and decay of the moisture sensitive material. Hence, a perfect environment must be provided where the temperature remains at 72°F, and the RH is maintained between 50-55 percent. To further escalate the evaporation process, the RH must be lowered to less than 40 percent. In the meantime, the temperature of the space must not be increased to get more productive results.

Dehumidification is the most advanced and effective solution for restoring water damaged assets in the commercial and industrial setup. Considering the complexity of the space and the vulnerability of the expensive assets, dehumidification technology can intervene with the condensation formation and prevent the furniture and building material from further deterioration. As a result, it can save the company from substantial financial losses that might be required to replace the expensive assets.

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