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BKT is driving manufacturing excellence in off-road tires

BKT is driving manufacturing excellence in off-road tires

November 30, 2023 2:33 pm

Balkrishna Industries Limited (BKT) is a leading force in off-road tire manufacturing, revolutionising the mining and construction sectors. With a strong focus on innovation and collaboration, BKT’s Head of Marketing, Mr. P. K. Ganguly, shares insights on challenges, sustainability, product innovation, and market strategies.

How does BKT approach sustainability and environmental responsibility, especially in producing mining tires?
India’s economic progress and the demand for metals heavily rely on the mining sector. As this industry is expected to expand, there is a critical need to address environmental responsibility and sustainability. Our focus involves crafting and producing tires that promote eco-friendliness and efficiency within mining operations. Through the provision of high-quality tires, we enable mining industries to enhance profitability while reducing their environmental impact.

What strategies is BKT employing to stay at the forefront of this industry?
To meet the constantly changing demands of the mining industry, our strategy involves ongoing development, adaptation, and broadening of our tire range. Our primary objective is to deliver top-tier products promptly to our customers. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, we possess one of Asia’s largest manufacturing facilities for off-highway tires. Additionally, we aspire to expand our product line by introducing solid tires, aiming to cater to a wider array of requirements in both mining and construction sectors.

What initiatives do you take for talent development or upskilling its workforce?
At BKT, we value our employees and have implemented multiple welfare initiatives. Our well-trained and content workforce is our most valuable asset. We strive to create a conducive and comfortable work environment that enhances performance across shop floors and work sites. This approach enhances the overall welfare and job fulfilment of our staff.

What are BKT’s plans for manufacturing expansion?
BKT has ambitious objectives for expansion and advancement within the construction and mining sectors. We are constructing robust tire manufacturing facilities in Bhuj, Gujarat, to cater to a wide array of products aimed at both global and domestic markets. Furthermore, we are working on building track solutions, which are relatively new in India but have significant worldwide market potential. These efforts aim to position BKT as an industry leader by satisfying our clients’ changing needs.

BKT is committed to collaborating in strong partnerships with mining companies and industry stakeholders to meet their unique requirements. Our goal is to provide top-notch products and continually broaden our product range, aligning with our motto of “working together” for the mutual benefit of our customers.


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What are the key opportunities and challenges faced by the Indian mining industry in the wake of its transformation?
Within the Indian mining industry, a plethora of opportunities and challenges exist. The Indian mining sector is experiencing a transformation due to the emergence of numerous new suppliers and private businesses. These entities are introducing advanced equipment that adheres to global standards, enhancing productivity. Adapting our offerings to meet these higher standards poses a notable challenge.

How do you plan to tackle these challenges in the mining sector?
For nearly a decade, BKT has been consistently developing new products tailored to address the needs of the mining sector. These innovations include pioneering advancements like introducing India to all-steel radial tires. Through ongoing technological improvements and upgrades, our goal is to enhance and refine our tires to meet the challenging conditions of mining sites. This approach allows us to provide our clients with high-quality, reasonably priced tyre options.

How is BKT responding to the increasing demand for larger mining equipment?
The mining industry’s increasing demand for larger equipment like 100-ton, 190-ton, and 240-ton dumpers prioritises cost reduction. Until recently, specialised tires for these machines were only available through imports or from Indian companies with limited manufacturing and technical expertise.

Recognising this gap, BKT aimed to address it by designing tires specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of these machines. Our products, like the 440/57 tire for 240-ton and 190-ton dumpers, are engineered to withstand the rugged conditions of mining sites, enduring heavy loads, rough terrains, high temperatures, and high-speed usage. We consistently invest in research and development to adapt our products to the evolving needs of the mining environment.

How are you getting ready for EXCON in Bangalore, and are there any upcoming product launches planned for the event?
We participate in EXCON annually, showcasing a comprehensive range of products, as it is a prominent event for clients and potential customers in the industrial construction tire segment. While we have not confirmed any significant product launches, a few developments might be unveiled in the upcoming fortnight. We aim to exhibit our diverse product line while meeting the industry’s expanding demands.

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