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Selfcleaning filters, multi plate stack filters
We specialize in manufacturing self-cleaning filters, automatic self cleaning filters. These self cleaning filters are designed for automatic discharge of dirt and filtered particle without opening the filters. In self cleaning filters, automatic self cleaning filters the liquid passes through the wedge wire drum where the dirt and the solid particles are captured on screen.
Technical Specification: The impurities from the screen are removed by rotation of scraper blade. When the pressure drop reaches to the pre-set level, the screen flushes to drain in seconds without interrupting the main liquid flow. Wide choice of wedge wire screen/mesh sizes are available (in ss316/304) upto 25 micron with a short pay back period.
Multi Plate Stack Filters: These filters are mainly used in aluminum foil rolling mills. The base material used to form cake is paper. Our multi plate stack filter is well known for separating solids from liquids, slurries and suspensions like aqueous feed streams.
Flat Bed Pressure Filter: These filters works on the principle of filtration by pressure difference. The flat bed pressure filters provides the desired clarity by by removing even the finest particle using a wide range of filter media.
Hydraulic vacuum filter: These hydraulic vacuum filter, industrial vacuum filters operate on the principle of vacuum, the suction head of the pump is used to create pressure difference across the filter media to increase the flow rates through it. The hydraulic vacuum filter, industrial vacuum filters is suitable for application using higher viscosity fluids up to 20 cst.
Pressure filter housing: These filters offer versatility to meet all the requirement of large capacity filtration needs, including high flow and heavy sedimentation application. These filters incorporates filtering equipments such as paper cartridge, washable cartridge, and stack type filters.
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